I’d like to know your thoughts of this, and whether it’s just my problem, or if this is the reality that I have to accept and live in. I would also appreciate any advice on actually finding games at a decent price. I’ve been holding off getting new games for a while now and after looking on eBay, I now realise why. For example, I searched for Smash Bros Melee and the cheapest one I found was $80, but most went above $120. The weird thing is that games for other platforms such as the Wii and even the Wii U are MUCH cheaper.

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I was surprised to see how many people are missing the boot disc! If you have a computer fast enough to run Dolphin, use the Wii to dump all of your GC and Wii games to ISO format and then put both the Wii and GameCube in storage.

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At that time I already got two controllers and a memory card so I haven’t been considering any new hardware but about the only game I got was like one shovelware title. I got Mario Party 7 at one point which I don’t really like and I don’t remember why I https://romsdownload.net/emulators/capcom-play-system-2 got it and how much I paid, and Sunshine which was pretty expensive but it’s one of the games I wanted for quite some time. The Wii completely fucked my 1048 memory card , which corrupted all my most important saves like Smash Melee , Rogue Leader, Zelda, Pikmin, Wave Race, you name it. Probably thousands of hours of gameplay all down the drain.

IIRC even platforms like the NES and SNES are cheaper, and they’re much older and thus rarer. I’ve been considering expanding my GC collection pretty much since I got it used back in 2012.

While business apps for Android may also be available, many of these are SaaS-based cloud apps anyway, so are just as accessible on your desktop PC via your browser anyway, though games usually aren’t. The best Android emulators bring apps to your PC for ease of use. It really doesn’t help that retailers absolutely refused to further stock any Gamecube software right after the Wii launched. This not only prevented some late releases from happening , but also prevented already released Cube games from getting any additional restocked copies. My younger brother had a Gamecube as his first console for example and he his 23 and is in a position where he has a bit of extra income for that sort of thing.

Even if he’s not seeking it out, many people that are in a similar situation and have a history with the console are likely to try to get it again; therefore, higher demand, therefore, higher prices. I had a GameCube as a kid and even though I had every game that ever mattered for n64, it’s my old GameCube collection that I miss the most. I don’t know what happened to my GameCube stuff, I’m sure my brothers sold it. I’ve been really trying to find a decent deal on a GameCube and some of the old games I had but it’s too much and honesty it’s a little heartbreaking. I’m not sure why they are so disproportionately expensive, but I have definitely contributed to the problem by paying some pretty exorbitant prices for GameCube games/accessories.

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So when I visit one of those games I’m force to start from scratch. I recently sold my Gamecube and games, as well as the GBA Player.