These worked well in my testing; negating the need for the slider control that set relative sound levels when you don’t click either "Emphasize" button; but it’s there if you need it. One thing you don’t get is any form of audio cleanup—the ability to remove background sounds, hums, and the like—offered by products like Premiere Elements and PowerDirector. Right on the program’s home screen is a big ole Add music button, which lets you use any MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG, AIF, or WMA files you can navigate to the folder of. You also get choices to find music on AudioMicro, Free Music Archive, and Vimeo. Some of the themes ask you to add background music when you apply them as well.

The set of features provided in Windows Movie Maker is, yet again, quite modest. You can use only a handful of effects and transitions there, compared to the impressive collection offered in Movavi Video Editor Plus. When you edit your projects, whether at home or in the office environment, you’d probably want a bit more room for creativity.

While only available for Windows, Ezvid is a well-equipped video editor and screen recorder. While being a suitable alternative to Movie Maker for its simplicity, Ezvid takes video editing a notch higher and should serve as an excellent upgrade for users of Movie Maker. If you are looking for a balance between quality and usability, Animotica is your go-to video editor.

Free Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

Indeed, VirtualDub is open-source, and with that in mind, you can always add-on additional 3rd-party features through the plugin interface. It comes with a lot of features too long to be included here, but be sure that it covers all the features of Windows Movie Maker and adds a whole more such as 3-point editing, deinterlacing, clip reverse, etc. It boasts of intuitive, fast editing, and has been lauded by some for its quick video stream processing. It also supports all video formats you can think of and packs over 50 transition effects for professional Spotify editing.

  • Finally, when your video is complete, use the export option at the top-right to save the final video to your device.
  • You can use the Play/Pause button and similarly use the Stop button according to your need.
  • While making your movie, don’t forget to save your progress in between.

Process Images In Batch

This is precisely what is available to Movavi users, together with handy features like callouts, auto adjustment, and timeline mode. In addition, you can get even more effects at Movavi Effects Store. It turns out that Windows Movie Maker is seriously lacking in the number of media formats available for saving your files – only four against dozens in the case of Movavi Video Editor Plus. Moreover, the Movavi app supports 4K video, which is definitely a huge advantage for those interested in handling videos in this resolution. The Intel® Media hardware acceleration is another neat feature that will make your working process a lot smoother if you go with Movavi. However, when you do know of these features’ existence, we believe most casual video makers would be more than happy with the tools at their disposal. The handful of editing tools at your disposal are sandwiched in the middle of the interface.

You have the basics, like Trimming clips (making them shorter – or longer), Splitting them , adding Text to a clip, or a Title card. Drag your media files onto the page to upload them, and accept the cookies when prompted. You can then begin editing them, stitching clips together and combining them with audio and still images. Its interface takes some getting used to as well, mostly because its timeline is aligned vertically rather than horizontally, as it is in video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightworks. Here you can choose to emphasize music, video sound, voice narration, or none.

Grow & Win with Filmora Get inspired and grow as an editor! AVS offers its five multimedia pro tools in one package and these can be accessed with a yearly subscription fee of $69, or you can just grab it with a one-time fee of $199. VirtualDub offers a small collection of filters for fine-tuning your videos.