Our firm is uApfel Immigration Corporation Lawniquely situated to assist your business with expanding its global reach to countries located in North America, Latin America and Asia. Our attorneys and consultants each bring their diverse backgrounds to the firm and we collectively endeavor to assist our clients with closing deals and putting structures into place to move business forward.
We believe that a fully informed client is a more confident client, and in this regard,
we take it upon ourselves to fully explain the risks and benefits of foreign direct
investment and export initiation or expansion.
Our firm’s strengths build on this informed approach by utilizing the tools that other
firms may be unaware of or disregard, such as S.A.S. (Sociedades por Acciones
Simplificada) or e-signature platforms which simplify the legal costs pertaining to the
establishment and performance of business abroad.
We believe that companies based in Tucson are uniquely situated to expand
business into Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America and we provide the tools to
make these aspirations realities. Please click in the link to display our Legal Services special Brochure:
Apfel and Associates