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Legal Business planning

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As an internationally focused law firm based in the United States, our international startup services related practice focuses on clients who desire to (1) start a business in Arizona and/or attract international investment and (2) more broadly expand their business presence in the U.S., Caribbean, Latin America, and China.

We actively work with our clients to:

  • define strategy,
  • define and analyzing corporate/enterprise architecture,
  • define goals and requirements for programs and projects
  • perform industry and consumer analysis/research
  • draft domestic and international business plans and consultation
  • performance Analysis and Cultural Training
  • provide counsel and advice concerning the specific laws and regulations that are applicable to a specific international or domestic transaction
  • provide counsel concerning the appropriate structure that should be adopted to manage and minimize legal and commercial risks involved concerning a proposed business startup;
    • structuring foreign direct investments
    • assisting with inbound investment in Arizona and the greater U.S.