US Immigration & Citizenship

US Immigration & Citizenship

– Immigration Services –

If you aspire to immigrate to or visit the United States, you can trust Apfel and Associates to advise you which visa option is best for your particular circumstance.

For us, it is important to consider our client’s current circumstances and realities exist for our clients. For this reason, we provide a thorough investigation and consultation in order to establish what alternative steps may need to be taken according to individual client necessities.

After this first interview, you as a prospective client will learn and understand what your best options are and how the various steps should be tackled. During this time, we also send a detailed questionnaire to learn more about you and make sure there is no conflict of interest with prospective and current/past Apfel and Associates clients.

Once we decide the best option for you and your family, our attorneys conduct a second consultation. During this interview, we talked in detail about our recommended option and move forward with the government application process.

In Apfel & Associates, we have an online program that allows our customers to be fully engaged in the process and clients can enter and verify the status of their cases, billing, and accounts. We also strive to use technology to make ourselves accessible through instant messaging, telephone, email and internet conferencing. Clients always have the option to simply make an appointment and visit our conveniently located office in Phoenix, Arizona.

At Apfel and Associates, we offer consultations about various categories of United States visas:

1- Citizenship and Adjustment of Legal Status

2- Permanent Residency (Green Card)

3- Business & Enterprise Visas

4- Student Visas

5- Humanitarian Visas

– Citizenship and adjustment of legal status: –


Are you a US citizen and have family living abroad or have you obtained your permanent residence in the United States (Green Card)?

At Apfel & Associates, we devote ourselves to diligently advise our clients based on the various options that exist for family members of US citizens.

During the process of obtaining your visa, at Apfel and Associates we will detail the steps that must be taken based on our clients’ needs (costs, the duration of his any litigation, etc.)


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