How to delete the Provisioned App’s installation package files in Windows 10, 8. Just download and install the tool, flip over to the Uninstaller tab on the left, find the apps on the right, and click Uninstall. Just replace the name "Microsoft.BingNews" with the desired app. Windows 10 comes with a ton of built in apps that at least from a business prospective are useless, irrelevant, and potential avenues for threats.

Windows10Debloater also offers to recover all the pre-installed apps via the button “Revert Registry Changes”. It will take a little while for PowerShell to grab and deploy all your apps. It’s worth noting, however, that some of these apps are essential for the running of the OS, and there are some Microsoft deems so important that you can’t even delete them via this method. Remove Bing News, for example, and you could break Cortana’s story functionality. Uninstall Photos and you’ll be left without a viewer until you download a third-party one.

Supports Windows 10 S

Some of them are of 7 Zip use to me so I am in a similar condition to Brian. I would hate to have to spend hours restoring Windows 10 just for these mainly useless apps. Anyone able to help so I can delete this and many other inbuilt apps. Be careful downloading and running Reimage Repair after deleting apps, on my PC it simply re-downloaded everything I’d just deleted. If you have problems removing these apps using Powershell try opening Powershell ISE and copy/pasting above code in that. in the past i removed 5 Application from Windows 8.1 with powershell, after a while there comes updates from MS where them will be updated.


As noted the xbox removal fails with the error messages listed. I’ve found that the only way to remove xbox was from a mounted offline WIM. To thank Thomas for a concise and properly documented list of commands that provide answers to software removal. Scraping undesired software off hard drives is something I do for others. Though my customers are reluctant to consider Linux as a desktop alternative, they’re still less than enthusiastic about what Microsoft’s built-in applications. They are still in the Windows APPs folder and show on the ALL APPS screen but with a $ followed by a jumble of letters and numbers.

Now, you need to paste the appropriate code for each app you want to remove from Windows 10. You need administrator rights, so right click on it and choose Run as administrator. First of all, open PowerShell with Administrator rights. To do that, search powershell in Start menu, right-click on PowerShell and select Run as Administrator. This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience. Each time you run an uninstall command, PowerShell shows you a progress bar similar to the one below. If you get any error don’t worry, just reboot your system and the app will be removed successfully.

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» How to delete the Provisioned App’s installation package files in Windows 10 and 8. If you want to delete all the App provisioned packages then follow the instructions on this article.