Our firm’s mission is to provide a high quality, creative, and approachable legal team actively working with our clients to advance and achieve results.

Understanding that many of our clients’ goals transcend borders, we pride ourselves in fostering and developing outcomes, which take into account broader cultural, economic and legal realities.

Our firm brings a globally focused practice to the Valley which is nimble and creative enough to tackle complex international legal issues.

Established in Phoenix, Arizona, we endeavored to create a better choice for clients in the Valley.

The law is complex enough, but when economic and cultural issues are added to the mix, a transaction can risk being grounded before the first days pass. Our attorneys are fluent in business and culture and know how to prepare a client to make their dreams a reality in a globalized and rapidly dynamic marketplace.

At Apfel and Associates, we take great pride in our Southwestern roots, and we believe that it is crucial to create a firm environment that is open and collaborative where relationships take precedence over needless formality. The value that we hold above all is respect. We became attorneys for a purpose and that purpose arises from our desire to advance our client’s goals and in so doing our own solid reputation.

We also understand that the world is made up of individuals not businesses and we offer a variety of services to our individual clients to make their dreams a reality at home. From immigration/asylum services to personal business legal concerns, we work one on one with our clients to assist them in moving forward.

Our firm’s partners and attorneys understand that “the grass is only as green as you have the time to water it” and therefore we have a deep commitment to work with the community either by working with local companies, spending time offering advice at legal clinics or by working with philanthropic endeavors to make our home a better place in which to serve.